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Safe Zone Reflective Glo-Gauge™

When Durability and Operational Safety Matters

McDaniel designed the model MPB/S to meet and exceed the rigorous and harsh requirements of the process, petrochemical, and power industry.

With safety also a major consideration, McDaniel developed the MPB/S with a solid front and hinged blow-out back.  The case is turrent-style.   Featuring a 4 mm thick laminated safety glass lens which also resists scratching and sunlight damage.   For Operational Safety, Reflective Glo-Gauge™   has a pointer which appears the standard black color, but it has been given a retro-reflective enhancement which reflects silver when illuminated by a flashlight held at eye level. This allows an operator, from a great distance, to easily see and determine if the gauge pressure is in the safe operating zone specific for that process.

Min/Max zones - Operators can easily customize each "safe operating zone" simply by turning up tabs located outside the gauge lens face. These tabs are given green retro-reflective enhancements and allow many different types of operating pressure zones to be indicated. You can show Min/Max zones with just two tabs down, set apart at any desirable range spans; or, all the way apart for more relaxed operating zones.

The elastomer compensating diaphragm on the inside of the hinged blow-out back equalizes case pressure.  It insures a quality seal against fill fluid leakage and corrosive environmental intrusions, while maintaining gauge accuracy.

Designed to withstand 300% full-scale pressure without bourdon tube rupture; and 130% full scale pressure without loss of accuracy!

Watertight, fillable, and trusted McDaniel heavy-duty construction make the MPB/S your first and "lasting" choice when it comes to process gauges.

What's New | About McDaniel | Products | Engineering Reference | Customer Reference | Home

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